Services Overview

Ability Unlimited is an Assistive Technology (AT) and Durable Medical Equipment (DME) provider for people on Medicaid in the state of Virginia. Working with you, your care coordinator, support coordinator, physicians and therapists, we help you gain access to devices to meet your needs.

What are my options for Medicaid funding?

There are 3 ways you can qualify for funding through Medicaid in which Ability Unlimited can help. See the criteria you must meet for all funding types below.

Device funding is ultimately determined by an authorized agency designated by DMAS; this can be KePro, DBHDS or an MCO’s. If you meet the below criteria, a request can be processed, but the authorizing agency will ultimately determine if the device is medically necessary.

CCC Plus Waiver

To learn more about how to access the CCC Plus waiver, click here.


To learn more about EPSDT and how to access other EPSDT services click here.

DD Comprehensive Waivers

​Ability Unlimited works with your assigned support coordinator to complete your request. ​ For information on how to apply for the DD comprehensive waivers, click here.

What if I do not have Medicaid or Insurance Coverage?

Ability Unlimited now takes private pay for Assistive Technology and Durable Medical Equipment.  If you do not have Medicaid or have had trouble getting Medicaid funding, but still want to purchase a device or have EM work done, AU accepts private pay through PayPal.


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