What is Assistive Technology (as defined by Virginia DMAS)?

PictureAssistive Technology(AT), as defined by the Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS), is specialized medical equipment, supplies, devices, controls, and appliances which are medically necessary and enable individuals to increase their abilities to perform Assisted Daily Living tasks or to perceive, control, or communicate with the environment in which they live, or which are necessary to their proper functioning. Assistive Technology devices are expected to be portable.

Examples of AT:

For further definitions of AT, click here. For more examples click here.

Which devices can Ability Unlimited supply?

All devices are purchased from outside distributor’s, making it possible for us to provide unlimited product! We provide it all from vision, to hearing, physical, learning, and communication devices. We are fast, easy, and headache free. We work for YOU!

What types of AT devices will fit my medical need?

Medical need for devices must be identified and documented by a professional familiar with the device and the individuals needs.  The individuals primary care doctor will need to provide agreement of medical necessity.

Ability Unlimited cannot recommend devices or apps needed for medical purposes.


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