Frequently Asked Questions

Getting approval for funding of Assistive Technology through your #VAMedicaid waivers DOES require a written Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN). Many therapists do know how to compose the LMN in such a manner to dictate medical necessity. Use the guide by clicking here, to see what items MUST be addressed when the professional is writing the LMN.
Who writes your Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN) depends primarily on what the individual’s medical needs are and what they need assistance with. Use the #AssistiveTechnology guide to determine which professional you should seek an evaluation from found here: ​

Ability Unlimited does not recommend specific assistive technology device/s for any individual. We take your doctor and therapist’s recommendations, that are outlined in the written letter of medical necessity,  as required by DMAS, and submit a request for you to get those items funded through your #VAMedicaid waiver.

If your loved one is on one of the DD Comprehensive waivers, an they are under the age of 21, their AT request will be submitted under EPSDT. If they are over the age of 21, their request for AT will be submitted under their BI/CL/FIS waiver.

All the requests for individuals on DD waivers are submitted through their Support Coordinator and reviewed by DBHDS staff.


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