"Can Medicaid Fund an Assistive Technology Device For My Loved One?"

Having a loved one with a disability can be hard on your wallet. You know that device you’ve been looking for to improve your loved one’s day-to-day functions? It’s possible that Virginia State Medicaid will fund these devices! What does that mean? No financial burden on you!

On July 1st, 2017, the Commonwealth Coordinated Care Plus (CCC Plus) waiver was created to combine what was the Elderly or Disabled with Consumer Directed waiver (EDCD) and the Technology Assisted (Tech) waiver into one. What does this mean?  Now those who had the Tech waiver can access services from the EDCD waiver and those who had the EDCD waiver can access services from the Tech waiver. Combined, these allow the following services:  adult day healthcare, assistive technology, environmental modifications, personal assistance services, personal emergency response system, private duty nursing services, respite care services, services facilitation, and transition services.

As an assistive technology (AT) provider, Ability Unlimited can help those on the new CCC Plus waiver with their assistive technology needs.  Not only can we help the people on the CCC Plus waiver, but we can help all people under the age of 21 who have Medicaid, as well as those under 21 on the DD comprehensive waivers. Individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities can request a wealth of devices that remove barriers their disabilities create, such as computer software and hardware, hearing aids, remotes and switches, and other devices to enhance mobility and assist with performing daily tasks. Contact Ability Unlimited today for more!


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